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Online therapy is available in your area through Colorado Health Partnerships.

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Sorry, online therapy with Ieso Digital Health is not yet available in your area.

We hope to be more widely available soon. In the meantime, please check with your local behavioral health provider for treatment options in your area.

If you disagree with this search result and believe you may be eligible, please contact us on 1.844.284.7770 for assistance.

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Sorry, online therapy with Ieso Digital Health is currently only available to Health First Colorado (Medicaid) members over the age of 18.

If you are under 18, please call Colorado Health Partnership on 1-800-804-5040 to find out what services are available to you. If you are not covered by Medicaid, please contact your local community mental health center who may be able to direct you to non-Medicaid services.

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Therapy Revolution

We provide effective one-to-one behavioral health therapy in real-time, online. Ieso Digital Health gives you the freedom to have treatment at a scheduled time and location that is convenient to you. You just need access to the internet.

  • Patients

    We make it easier for people to receive behavioral health treatment and make positive changes in their lives.

  • Our providers

    Increase access to therapy, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and, most importantly, improve the quality of care for people dealing with mental health conditions.

  • Evidence

    Online talking therapy is clinically proven to improve the quality care for people with common behavioral health conditions.

How it works

The advantages are worth talking about

One-to-one therapy with a qualified therapist using written conversation

Connect with your therapist online from any location, at any time

Confidential, discreet, secure

Clinically proven to be as effective as face-to-face therapy

That's not all, Ieso also offers

Schedule appointments at a time to suit you

Create and manage your goals

Monitor progress

Secure out-of-appointment messaging

You’re in safe hands with our specialist team

  • Sarah Bateup

  • Kate Tilbury

  • Mark Whisman

We’ll get through this, together.