Transforming mental health care through the union of People, Process and Technology.

Rethinking mental health care

Ieso offers real-time, one-to-one therapy online for people dealing with depression and anxiety.

Our proprietary, secure, and HIPAA compliant web-based platform, enables Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be delivered in real-time by licensed and credentialed therapists using the Ieso method of written (typed) conversation.

As the largest provider of online CBT in the UK, we have treated more than 7,000 patients and captured over 75 million clinical data units in our unique therapy database, which is used to support continuous improvement in our therapists’ performance and our product. Click to learn more about our clinical evidence and research.

Through the union of People, Process and Technology, Ieso Digital Health is transforming the accessibility, accountability and affordability of evidence-based mental health therapy.


CBT is the most effective treatment for many common mental health disorders, but stigma, transportation, and busy schedules, prevent people from seeking help.

We offer therapy appointments at a scheduled time and location convenient to the patient, whom is then able to fit treatment around work, school and other commitments. The discretion, flexibility, and choice that Ieso offers not only increases access to therapy for harder to reach patient groups, but also improves patient engagement and reduces the number of missed appointments.


Ieso is 100% accountable and driven by outcomes data. Research suggests that adhering to evidence-based CBT protocols produces higher recovery rates for patients.

To ensure Ieso therapists adhere to protocols and best practice when delivering CBT, all Ieso therapists must participate in ongoing clinical supervision and continuing professional development. 

By enabling therapists to visualize their data and performance information we can ensure fidelity to the CBT model, routinely measure the provision of CBT and offer personalized training to support the therapist community.


The number of people accessing psychological therapies is growing, in part, due to increased awareness of an unmet need, screening in the primary care settings, and stigma reduction campaigns.

With increased access, there are increased costs. Our unique method of delivering therapy, along with our commitment to continually improve quality and clinical outcomes, means that Ieso can deliver more for less, enabling greater access to higher quality care at a significant cost saving.

Partnership with Beacon Health Options

Ieso Digital Health has partnered with Beacon Health Options, a leading provider of behavioral health services to over 45 million people in the United States to provide evidence-based, digitally enhanced mental health services to their members. Our therapy service provides Beacon with a unique, technology-enabled treatment option that enables greater patient choice and improved access to effective mental health therapy delivered in real time, without wait times for treatment.

Ieso Digital Health is Growing


In 2016, we introduced Ieso to the US market through our partnership with Beacon Health Options, starting first with patients in Colorado. As we continue to grow, we are excited to offer our therapy services to additional clients across the US. Our clients include health plans and health systems working within the Medicaid and commercial insurer space. We have our own therapist network that provides the Ieso service to the members served by our clients. To learn more about working with Ieso Digital Health as a therapist, or join our clinical team, visit our therapist recruitment page. For non-clinical inquiries and to learn more about offering the Ieso service as a benefit to your members, email



We’ll get through this, together.