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Ieso Digital Health is expanding. Our services may soon be available to you.

Online therapy is available in your area through Colorado Health Partnerships.

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Ieso Digital Health is expanding. Our services may soon be available to you.

Sorry, online therapy with Ieso Digital Health is not yet available in your area.

We hope to be more widely available soon. In the meantime, please check with your local behavioral health provider for treatment options in your area.

If you disagree with this search result and believe you may be eligible, please contact us on 1.844.284.7770 for assistance.

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Ieso Digital Health is expanding. Our services may soon be available to you.

Sorry, online therapy with Ieso Digital Health is currently only available to Health First Colorado (Medicaid) members over the age of 18.

If you are under 18, please call Colorado Health Partnership on 1-800-804-5040 to find out what services are available to you. If you are not covered by Medicaid, please contact your local community mental health center who may be able to direct you to non-Medicaid services.

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Making it easier

We know that when someone is suffering from mental health problems they can find it difficult to seek the help that they need. At Ieso Digital Health we make it easier for you to receive the treatment you need to make positive changes in your life.

One-to-one therapy

Our online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) service lets you have live one-to-one therapy at a time and place convenient for you. As our service is online, our therapists can offer sessions outside working hours and you can have the therapy from the comfort of your own home.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps you to understand the links between thoughts, feelings, sensations and actions.  Often when we are unwell, the way we think feel and behave changes and we can get stuck in a vicious circle. CBT can help break this cycle.

Case studies

It's made a world of difference...

Read Samantha's Story

Samantha's Story

Samantha is a 40 year old mom of three. She lives at home with her husband and their three children.

It's made a world of difference...

“I have always been an anxious person, even as a child, but in the last couple of years I found that my anxiety was getting harder and harder to deal with. Six months ago, I suffered my first panic attack. It was a really traumatic experience for me, and after that, my anxiety worsened and I had several more panic attacks. 

I usually find it hard to relax anyway, but I began to feel a constant feeling of dread and worry, like something bad was about to happen. My worries mainly cantered on my children and all the terrible things that could happen to them. These thoughts often included myself, and I worried what might happen to my family if something bad happened to me.

I had these thoughts all the time. I became very strict and controlling about when and where the children could go out and I also stopped going out myself. I felt really sad and unable to enjoy life. My anxiety left me feeling isolated and different from everyone else.  I was making life miserable for my kids.

Since starting therapy with Ieso Digital Health, I have learned to manage my anxiety and take control of my negative thoughts. I can now recognize the triggers of my panic attacks, and feel able to prevent them. While I know that my anxiety may always exist to an extent, I feel like I’ll be able to cope with it much better now. I also know that I can find the support I need when I’m struggling, by reading through the written notes of my therapy and by using the tools that my therapist taught me. It’s made a world of difference.”

I realize the changes I can make in my life to improve it...

Read Nicolas's Story

Nicolas's Story

Nicolas is 33 and lives with his wife and two children. He has been working in construction but has recently been laid off.

I realize the changes I can make in my life to improve it...

“I have always been a hard worker. I used to love my job and take pride in my work.  But recently I felt really down and struggled to motivate myself. It started when I lost my job. My boss sold his business so didn’t need me anymore.

My family relies on my income so my job was important to keep providing for them. Suddenly I felt useless and under pressure. I felt my confidence had been ripped away from me.  I started taking it out on my family, and felt myself getting irritable and would shout at my wife and children. In those moments I felt resentful and angry. Afterwards I felt worthless, sad and guilty.

I was finding every day a struggle, and found it hard to face getting out of bed knowing I have a full day ahead of me. My day to day life felt empty and I found myself questioning where my life was heading.  I thought there was no way out and wondered how I was going to keep going when I felt so low. 

Then I found Ieso Digital Health. At first I was skeptical and didn’t expect that talking to someone online would help at all. But it gave me the opportunity to finally tell someone how I really felt. At the beginning I was scared of opening up and being truthful. I felt ashamed of my feelings, but my therapist was so understanding, and really helped me to work through my emotions. Now I’ve discovered ways to combat these feelings and realize the changes I can make in my life to improve it and get back on track.”

I have grown more confident and I am much less scared...

Read Isra's Story

Isra's Story

Isra is a 26 year old mom of 4. During the day, she works full time as a hospital care worker and in the evening she cleans at a local school.

I have grown more confident and I am much less scared...

I have found life very difficult lately. Trying to look after 4 children is not easy. Working 60 hours a week just to get by is tiring and I am always worrying about making enough money to look after the children as I want to give my children the best possible life.

I haven’t seen my partner for nearly a year. He was abusive to me and the children, and used to hit me a lot. He got so angry and I was scared lot of the time. Eventually he was arrested and he is now not allowed to see us but I was still scared that he would come back. I was having nightmares about it all the time, and often all the violent memories came flashing into my head during the day at work. When it happened I felt like it was happening to me all over again and I felt so terrified.

I went to the doctor recently as one of my sons has not been very well and I have been worried. I started talking about our situation, and broke down in tears. The doctor was so nice to me and referred me to Ieso Digital Health. She said talking to an Ieso therapist online would help me feel less scared and deal with all the horrible things that have happened to me. She also told me that the fact that it was online meant I could do the therapy from home and fit it around my working hours.

My therapy has been a life line. I finally can understand how I am feeling and my therapist has taught me all these different ways to cope with my fears and flashbacks. I am sleeping much better as my nightmares are much less frequent. This means I have more energy during the day. I have grown more confident and I am much less scared. I have asked for help from some people I work with so now we share childcare which means I am less worried about my children and I have more time for myself.

Specialist therapists, there for you

Our therapists are there totally for you, focusing exclusively on what you want to bring to therapy. They will work with you to identify the thoughts, beliefs and thinking patterns in areas you feel you need help with. The therapist is there to be a mentor, guiding you and teaching you techniques and coping strategies to give you the skills and support to achieve your goals.

We'll get through this, together.